All Returns

by Tooantuh

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A man's life.


released October 12, 2011

Recorded between April and October of 2011. All songs written, recorded and mixed by Michael Teague (Tooantuh/King Felix's Dream). Artwork by Michael Teague



all rights reserved


Tooantuh Austin, Texas

Storyteller that owns 2 and a half guitars
No label/not really seeking one

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Track Name: Birthday
CHAPTER I -- The Beginning of Everything

When I was crazy
I navigated the poles, from North to South,
And the continents rolled out of my mouth.
When I was sane
I carried the world on my shoulders
And it was hollow.
It was so hollow.
Track Name: Cold Ridge
"Kubla Khan" by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Track Name: Hey Li'l Lady
When I go out I always make sure to say,
“Hey li’l lady! Hey li’l Heidy-O!”
When I take my dog down that pavement runway I say,
“Hey li’l lady! Hey li’l Heidy-O!”
When I go out at night
Oh, yeah! I go out at night
Okay, I don’t go out at night,
But if i went out at night
I’d say, I’d say, I’d say,
“Hey little Heidy-O!”
It’s a Fritz Lang film
That we both live in
Oh! Hoo! Li’l Heidy, hey
You got me reeling, with those big blue eyes,
Little white thighs…
Hey li’l Heidy-O

...and, So, our two, newly acquainted, concrete lovers
Bound for nowhere and everywhere
Rode their chariot of canis lupus domesticus into the belly of time.
Track Name: White Smoke Hands
White smoke hands
Face drenched in pesticides
Father was a farmer
Took very good care of all of his brides
I was just a boy
Always losing my keys
So, I opened up my chest and placed them inside me
I can walk on water
Is what my father told my brother and me
Snapped his fingers, fell into his hat,
Bubbled up through the T.V. screen, and he screamed
“Goodnight boys! Tonight I’m going to dream in technicolor!”
I hope someday
This haze will begin to fade
My mind will come back a fiddle and sing the days away
These white smoke hands
Will disappear into the screen
And Father Time will come back to get me.
Track Name: Spyglass
Sitting on my mountain top looking in the valley
Oh, so low.
Looking through my spyglass seeing all the people dancing down

There’s a stream-line cable leading down, bending under
To that sepulvida scene
Picking up speed to the lips and the smiles
That are waiting for me
I’d rather speak in person.

Sitting on a stone in a ring around a throne
Of fire. We’re alive.
It’s overcast city, but there’s light emanating from
The itty-bitty fireflies.
There’s a moon in a bottle making it’s way around the circle
And it’s heading straight for me.
One little sip and I’m cherry-cheeked, arm and arm
Being led into a sea of dwellings
I’d rather sleep with company
Track Name: Dopamine Topography
CHAPTER III -- The Deep Sleep

The homonculus boarded up his windows..
And he retreated until the Sun passed over the equatorial divide..
And with no eyes he lived in time, exclusively.

I will stage an intervention
Written all over my face will be
My ways weighed heavy on the levy ‘til she broke
And washed away all of my friends
You find yourself at the cusp of a season
Any season to satiate Serendipity
Now you’re snowing on your lover’s lips
In the warmth of the night’s spent energy
Hello Heliopause
I stretch my roots below that underdog
He said, “You’re you, but you’re a garden,
And I’m a bed of regret
Admiring the dopamine topography
Track Name: Smells From Dreams
I remember smells from my dreams.
We climbed bookshelves up to our thoughts
Where we erected a brick; a block; a bridge
Across sinking, stagnant potential.

I will loosen my jaw and inhale all of the poverty from the streets.
The malaise steeping in your brains will stain all of my teeth.
I’ll blow out all the men in suits and watch them twirl around, above.
When I’m feeling real real nice, I’ll blow out love, love, love.
Track Name: All Returns
CHAPTER IV -- The Angry Earth

You’ve got a name I can’t pronounce
And when you speak, everybody shouts
At the top of their lungs,
because it feels so good
When it leaves your mouth.
Darling, I know
Why these skies burn crimson above the quaking of your lips

All of these fault lines
Were filled with expectations
Your anxiety shook mountaintops
And these weeping peaks
Apologized in the name of propriety

When you rained my head was full of holes
The ground drank, deeply
When my thoughts reached my toes
All returns
Track Name: We'll Make it Rain
Saw the drought from a far away place.
Inside the eye of a satellite.
We will make clouds. We’ll make it rain.
And the buoyant will rise up through the firmament
To shake the hands of I.
Saw the drought at the spring
And the fountain.
Saw the fields burn at the farms
We will make clouds. We’ll make it rain.
Your hair was rusty
So I combed my hands through the tendrils of your body
Your eyes were dusty
So I closed mine and cried into your mind, for a time.
Track Name: The Trees, They Sing
Winter whispered secrets in my head. Oh, yes she did.
Stumbled across the soft webs and pushed aside the vignettes, in my bed.
Whisper a little, please. Harking on that bedpost pleases me,
But don’t brush away those seeds. I want a forest greeting me
In December
The air coiled closer and pushed the button on my chin. Oh, yes she did.
My legs jumped, chest pumped and cheeks spread to a newborn grin.
Oh, that’s a fact. I begged, “Give me a kiss, my darling,
And we’ll grow older and taller for all to see.
I hear the droll the doldrums makes one breathe easy.”
The sea had to swell it’s an earthen formality.
“I’m hungry,” it bellowed and began to swallow me.
No malice. No regret. My home is down below.
Goodbye cold days. Goodbye tomorrow.
I have learned to love them all
Track Name: Muddy Waters
CHAPTER V -- The Last Wanderer

Muddy waters couldn’t keep me from getting to you, babe
Wiped the muck from my face and hopped from frame to frame
While you sat on your pinnacle,
It was so unbelievable,
Drowned bodies were floating on top the crest of a wave.
While staring at the buoyant I gave a little thanks
Even though we all fell from grace
So beautiful—their devoted search for Providence
Stared up at you, then back at them
Tapped my feet and dove right in
The murky waters of my past were easier to swim. EH
We made it to the gate, and a bearded man screamed:
“Too little. Too late.”
I kicked the dirt and turned back around
“Alright,” I said, “I’ll give it another go.”
Memorized my lines for this perpetual show
So confident I’d get it right this time.
But no.. When that curtain closes, I’ll see you again
On top your monolith staring down, with a grin
With that all seeing eye you’ll never miss a beat.
Track Name: C'est la vie
The mouth of my typewriter clicked orders at my fingertips
It said, “The folds of my brain housed an urn sweating ashes
From a thousand dead flames.
No good. We have gone down.
The sky is bright yellow, tonight.
I know that we’ll say goodbye.
No, good.
We have gone down.
Come to bed.
You don’t need no pillow.
The grass shines luminescent, for a second,
Until the brain blows up, and you’re dead.